Solid and high-tech charging stations for electric vehicles
More than 30.000 charging stations worldwide
With more than 75 years of experience in engineering, ICU is an expert in charging
Certified charging stations for every electric car
Easy insight into charging data and payments
Developed, tested and produced in Europe

ICU Charging Equipment

  • For every electric car

    ICU Charging Stations are suited for and have been tested with every electric car. Therefore you can always count on a charged battery at home, at the office or in public locations regardless of your electric vehicle.

  • SIM unlocked charging stations

    As the only charging stations in the market, ICU's chargers are SIM unlocked. This means that you are free to choose your own service provider for transactions or management of charging stations.

  • OLEV Charging Station

    OLEV Approved & Certified Products

    ICU's products have been approved by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles and are therefore eligible for subsidies. Moreover, the chargers are tested by all major electric car manufacturers and have been certified by independent authorities including DEKRA and Z.E. Ready.

  • Components of A-quality

    Every single ICU charging stations is produced with components of European A-quality only. Herewith, you are always supplied with a high quality charging station that is optimally durable and reliable.

Charging Stations

    ICU Compact Mini

    The most compact charging station in the market
    Compact Mini

    ICU Eve Mini

    The latest technology in a compact housing
    Eve Mini

    ICU EVe

    The most advanced charging station available

    ICU Twin

    The most installed charging station in public locations

    ICU Tube

    Stylish and solid charging station for every environment

Personal advice

Are you not sure which charging station is optimally suited for your needs and situation? ICU is happy to assist. Click on the button below to request a tailored advice.


  • Charging at home

    To be able to charge your electric vehicle quickly and safely at home, ICU offers various solid charging stations. With ICU's chargers, you can automatically settle the costs for the charged electricity with your employer and you are always provided with a charged battery.

  • Charging at the office

    A charging station at your company building is a great service towards your customers and employees as well as a sign of a solid policy on sustainability. For charging electric vehicles at the office, ICU offers a wide variety of solutions suited for every situation.

  • Charging in parking garages

    With the rapid growth of electric mobility, parking garages more and more adopt the function of electric 'gas station'. For parking garages, ICU offers a diverse range of charging solutions to easily create parking spots for electric vehicles. 

  • Charging in public locations

    ICU's charging stations have been a common sight in the streets for years and have more than proven their reliable operation. ICU manages the complete installation and management of charging infrastructure for numerous municipalities and governmental organizations.


  • Payment of charged electricity

    If you charge your company car at home or you have a charging station that is publicly accessible, you most likely want to be compensated for the charged electricity. With the smart chargers of ICU, this can easily and automatically be arranged.

  • Service and maintenance

    The charging stations of ICU are designed in a way that makes them maintenance-free and optimally reliable. In the rare case that you are not able to charge or you have questions about the functionality of your charger, ICU is always glad to assist you with a professional service organization.

  • Management of your charging stations

    With ICU's back office system, you can easily manage your charging stations via PC, tablet or smartphone. With this platform it is possible to manage access, adjust opening hours and view the status of the charging station. You are always in complete control.